The Spirit Is Moving

Pastor Brad McMullen

Dear Timberlake Sisters and Brothers,

In our weekly Timberlake staff meeting, one of the questions I ask regularly is, “Where have you seen the Spirit of God moving?”  The Holy Spirit is like the wind… invisible to the eyes in our head, yet we quite visible to the eyes of our heart as we witness Spirit’s work all around us.

Just a few things I’ve noticed God doing recently…

·      I visited with our Spanish-speaking brothers and sisters of Iglesia de Dios de la Profecia, who meet in the building for worship on Sunday afternoons.  They prayed for me and all of us and once again shared their gratitude for being able to use the space.  They are reaching Latino people in our community with the gospel of Jesus Christ.

·      Last week I met with our Church Council to set forth goals for the coming year.  With contributions from many of our church leaders, our goals include excellent worship and life-changing life group experiences, and creating a communication plan for our ministry, developing a more friendly budgeting process, and prioritizing Bible literacy for our young people.

·      New people continue to come into Timberlake through our online ministry.  One young couple, Kevin and Katie, had only ever worshipped with us online and came to a recent Starting Point class where they learned about how to get more involved in the life of our church.

God is good, my friends.  And God is blessing our church day after day.  I’m so glad to be with you on this journey.

With glory to God,

Pastor Brad