Released to Serve - Debbie Overstreet

Debbie Overstreet

Serving Team - Adult Choir


I have just recently joined the music ministry in the "formal" sense. The current format has allowed me to participate. It's a very spiritual experience, and everyone has accepted what I can give to this ministry. It has been impressive how our Timberlake choir director has been creative in using the talents within the church, bell choir, quartets, duets, and solos. Music is the language of the soul. This ministry allows the word and spirit of God to spread to all. COVID has had such a devastating effect, and I am so thankful that the music ministry continues to send the promise of hope and peace. 


Personally, this ministry allowed me to share deep-rooted feelings when I sing the song "There Is Peace In Christ." This song (which I heard on iTunes) touched me during the chaos of the COVID pandemic and the general feeling in our country. It had a message like music delivers.


Singing in the choir is my act of service at Timberlake, to use my gifts to bring others into a place of worship. I'm sure many in our congregation can share the spirit of Christ through instrumental or voice, and I pray they will take the opportunity to join this wonderful ministry. 




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