Released to Serve - Matt Scruggs

Matt Scruggs

Serving Team - Hospitality Team


Serving on the hospitality team at Timberlake has given me another opportunity to give back to Timberlake. Giving one's time, talents, or treasures is very important. Serving with hospitality has allowed me to fulfill two of those while growing in the third. Arriving early to greet folks or set up chairs is giving my time. Being a friendly face, holding open doors, and saying good morning are treasures I like to give. These are treasures that extend beyond any monetary treasures. I consider myself an introvert and terrible at small talk. However, those closest to me may disagree, and serving with hospitality helps me grow those talents of being more engaging and outgoing. So, I am positively impacted in many ways through my service with hospitality.


This impact is God moving with me. This service is a way to help God continue to move within the church. This service, literally and figuratively, is opening doors for folks to see and hear of God's awesomeness. This, in my opinion, is what God would want and provides the opportunity for God to move within those who join us at Timberlake.