What it Means to be Wesleyan

Happy Friday, my friend.  I hope it is well with your soul.


Thank you for your spiritual investment in our new year sermon series, Unshakable Faith, that we concluded on Sunday.  I heard from many of our people who experienced the blessings and comfort of God as we opened to the Scriptures together to discover how to get through the hard times of life.


Looking ahead, I am excited about our next sermon series, which begins on Sunday.  We’re calling it FOUNDATIONS, and we will explore together what it means to be Wesleyan.


What do we mean when we say “Wesleyan.”  We use a theological lens to understand God and the Bible and live out our faith.  Not to be confused with the denomination known as the Wesleyan Church, what we mean is a particular way of doing the work of theology.


The spiritual founder of Wesleyanism is John Wesley, the Anglican priest from the 1700s who taught important Biblical ideas like the grace of God, the necessity of meeting together, and the blessing of pursuing a holy life.  As followers of Jesus who have inherited this faith tradition, it is good for us to know what we believe and to recommit to these unchanging principles even as we disaffiliate from the United Methodist denomination.


I hope to see you Sunday as we study the Scriptures together.


With love,
Pastor Brad