Campus Security

Pastor Brad McMullen


Now that our campus has reopened post-Covid, I want you to know about some new campus security measures we are implementing for your safety and the safety of our Child Development Center.


We are asking that all daytime visitors to the building be “cleared” by the main office (door 7) in the mornings 9 AM-12 PM or the CDC welcome desk (kids entrance door 13) in the afternoons 12 PM-6 PM.  As you probably know, our church building is well-loved and well used, not only by us but also by many of our neighbors.  Some people we may recognize, some we may not.


Therefore, we are asking for your help. First, please sign in when you are in the building, and if requested, please wear a badge that indicates you have done so.  In this way, our CDC teachers and others will not have to wonder whether the person coming down the hall is supposed to be there.


I’m inviting you not to be offended by this, but remember that not everyone knows everyone else.  In fact, maybe you’ve noticed that I introduce myself every Sunday in worship.  I do not assume that everyone knows me; we are a large and growing church.


Let me know if you have questions.  Together we can continue to create an environment that is safe and hospitable for all people.  Thanks in advance!


With glory to God,
Pastor Brad