Don’t Be Afraid

Every human that has ever lived has been afraid. It’s part of our human experience.

Thousands of years ago, we were afraid of being lunch for a hungry lion on the savannah. Now we’re told to be afraid of terrorism, climate change, our health care system, and the fear du jour: rising infection rates of Covid-19.

While momentary fear can help us avoid deadly situations, we were not made to live with constant fear. We were made for more than that.

The Bible says, “Fear not!” But, instead, some of us read that we think, “Well, that’s just great. I already felt bad about being so afraid; now I’m letting Jesus down.” And instead of feeling better, we feel worse.

Let me encourage you:

1. Don’t hesitate to admit you are afraid. The Scriptures are full of stories of people who cried out to God in fear. 

2. Find a way to serve someone else. One of the problems with fear is that it causes us to be focused on ourselves.

3. Discipline your imagination. Instead of thinking, “What if something bad happens?” think, “What if God’s promises are true?”

Brothers and sisters, life is certainly unpredictable, and at times, even scary. But just because life is scary, doesn’t mean we have to be afraid.

God is bigger than that.

With faith in Jesus Christ,

Pastor Brad