ROOTED - Friday, June 24, 2022

Does God want me happy?


We’ve heard the phrase, “God wants us to be happy.” It’s meant to imply that God’s ultimate purpose – and responsibility is for us to live “happy” lives.  I don’t see this in Scripture. I certainly don’t see it in reality – in our daily lives. I guess it depends on what the word “happy” means and how that happiness is derived.

Scripture tells us that we are made in God’s image and for His good pleasure and purpose. We weren’t made for our pleasure and purpose -as defined by us.  We are incapable of being happy apart from God. We are born in sin, and in sin, we die. We are born with corrupted natures to the extent that we know that even our best efforts at pleasing God are dirty rags. Look at society and how well we are at finding happiness on our own, apart from God.


What is the happiness God desires for us? True happiness is joy. Joy can only be found in complete obedience and service to God. Holy living produces joy. So, the only way to truly be happy is to live an entirely devoted, dependent life and to be at rest in God.  True happiness – joy can only be found when we acknowledge we don’t have all the answers or even all the questions. Joy comes in complete surrender and dependence.  Yes, God wants us to be happy – in Him because in Him is the only place true happiness can be found.


Proverbs 16:9

We can make our plans,

            But the LORD determines our steps. 



Thank God for the “buts.” In these “buts,” the Lord brings His children into a better relationship with Him. The “buts” put us on track for happiness and joy in God. The “buts” are God saying, “this is the way to full dependence and surrender.” The “buts” are God’s loving hand leading us to all He wants us to be.



Father, thank you for not giving us what we want – thank you for giving us something better – You and Your way. Forgive us when we push the “buts” away. Please help us embrace them, learn from them, and cherish them. Thank you for your Son Jesus, and we pray in His name. Amen.