ROOTED - Thursday, June 16, 2022

What TO do


Little by little, hopefully, we are unpacking these two incredible verses. Don’t forget as we go that understanding and living these out IS wisdom. From verse 5, we’ve talked about what we are to do – trust and how – with all our hearts. We’ve also talked about what we are NOT to do – think we know better than God.

Now in verse 6, we read: In all your ways acknowledge him, and he will make straight your paths. Proverbs 3:6  ESV



This summarizes verse 5. Remember, Proverbs is like “Wisdom for Dummies.” Dummies like me. The writer puts it on paper as clearly and simply as possible and then gives it slightly differently to us. Rather than depending on your plans and ideas, “acknowledge Him.” In other words, surrender and submit. Surrender your will to God. We’ve talked about God’s goodness for weeks now – in all God provides through Jesus, communion, and how we are to express it and live it through gratitude. All of these are acknowledging Him. Acknowledgment of God is praying and waiting on clarity when we aren’t sure what to do next. It’s praying and trusting that He WILL provide. It is remembering all that He’s provided and done up until this point. “Acknowledging Him” means – remember who we are talking about – the LORD. Salvation requires surrender and submission. If you are a Christian, you know what this means. It means setting aside my way, will, and desires and saying “Yes” to God. Submission is living this out daily by denying our tendency to sin and the temptation to sin. It means saying no to the world. It means being counter-cultural. It means holiness. In ALL your ways acknowledge Him.



Another day Father. A day to honor and praise you. A day to live wisely – by trusting in You. A day to live a surrendered life in complete trust of your care and provision and direction. Forgive us, Father, when we’ve sinned and gone our own way in our arrogance and weakness. Please help us, Father, to trust, obey, and acknowledge you as we should. By your Holy Spirit, empower and guide us to fear you in worship, obedience, and praise. Amen.