ROOTED - Tuesday, September 20, 2022

We are taking a break from Wesleyan this week.  Makayla, our Student Ministries Director, will be writing our ROOTED devotions this week.  Enjoy!


Psalms 118:1

Oh give thanks to the Lord, for he is good; for his steadfast love endures forever!



In this verse, three central objective truths are reflected, and they all have the power to shake the earth to its core. First, our Lord is good, and everything He crafts is perfect. The second is Our God, our Savior, our Father is consistent in who He is; the state of the world or where we are in our lives will never negate His perfect love for us. And lastly, we as believers must give thanks to the Lord and praise His holy name no matter the circumstance, even if it is difficult. These objective truths are foundational elements of our faith, but they are also divine calls to action. Yes, we must believe that the Lord is good and unwavering in who He is, but our lives must also reflect our beliefs. In other words, our hands must simultaneously be in a place of surrender and praise.



Heavenly Father, I give You praise and gratitude that my simple thank you’s are enough. Lord, I surrender my heart to You and praise Your holy name because I know you are good. I am thankful that Your yoke is easy today and forever, and thank You for constantly challenging me to grow closer to You. I ask you to continue to guide me and show up in every aspect of my life. Continue to bend my heart into submission to Your goodness and will. In your wonderful and perfect name, Amen.