If you’re like me, you’re weary of the pandemic… of its effects, and even of talking about it.  But I want to encourage you that now is not the time to give up. 


Covid cases in our area remain high.  A News and Advance article from last week said that “Covid Act Now, a nonprofit data center that provides national COVID-19 data insights, ranked Lynchburg the third most infectious locality in the U.S. as of Friday, with each infected person estimated to infect 1.49 people.”  Yikes!


Now is the time to remain vigilant.  Please practice healthy habits: wear a mask in indoor public settings, maintain distancing, stay home if you’re sick, and get vaccinated if you can (and if you’re not sure, talk to your doctor).  My doctor, my children’s doctors, and all my doctor friends recommend it.


I am reminded that the word vigilant means “keeping careful watch” and comes from the same root as the word vigil.  We can keep vigil not only for what is bad, but also for what is good.  Every year on Saturday night before Easter, the Christian Church celebrates the Easter vigil, keeping careful watch for the resurrection of our Lord and the new life he brings.


So let’s keep watch.  Look for God’s mighty acts of power.  Watch for God’s hand of healing.  Notice God’s gift of peace. 


Stay vigilant, my friends. 

Pastor Brad


You can read the full article from The News and Advance at: