At Timberlake, we’re all about service.  We serve God, each other, and our neighbors.  Some of it happens on the church campus; lots of it happens out in the world.  Serving is a great way to meet people, grow as a follower of Jesus, and experience a unique kind of blessing.


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Lora Drinkard

Serving Team - Online Worship Greeter

Serving others is extremely important to me in whatever ways I can. My primary focus of serving within Timberlake ...

Duane Ragland


Serving Team - Modern Worship Band

I've always had a passion for music since my mom gave me my first guitar when I was 11. I haven't always played in church...

G.W. Hall

Serving Team - Parking Team

I have enjoyed serving on the Parking Team at Timberlake for the past few years. Before I started serving...

Debbie Overstreet

Serving Team - Adult Choir

I have just recently joined the music ministry in the "formal" sense. The current format has allowed me to participate. It's a very spiritual experience, and everyone has accepted what I can give to this ministry...

Jessica Reynolds

Serving Team - Children's Ministry

I’ve been volunteering in children’s ministry for almost six years. I started in the nursery and then started helping on Wednesday nights and Sunday mornings. So I feel very passionate about children’s ministry...

Matt Scruggs


Serving Team - Hospitality Team

Serving on the hospitality team at Timberlake has given me another opportunity to give back to Timberlake. Giving one's time, talents, or treasures is very important...

Christine Schram

Serving Team - Children's MInistry

My family has been attending Timberlake for about 3.5 years, so I don't know many people yet. I have always been very involved in ministry at my church and in my community,..


Our Age Level ministries offer intergenerational opportunities to share the love of God through offering our time, teaching, and tenderness to serve one another at every stage of life.   We are looking for people to take an active role in using their talents to encourage, build up, and train others in Jesus Christ. 



At Timberlake we are passionate about feeding bodies and souls.  Our Feeding Teams feed hungry people and work to end hunger in our community. We are looking for people to cook, gather, organize, and distribute food and meals to our neighbors.


Our Hospitality teams serve the ‘front line’ of reaching people with the love of God.  Our goal is to reach people by creating comfortable and engaging environments where we can experience God together. We are looking for warm, friendly people with a passion for welcoming others and extending the hospitality of our church.


Our Maintenance Teams serve by creating a beautiful and welcoming environment where people can have an encounter with God.  Fresh cut grass, attractive facilities, and a well-functioning building allow us to communicate the love of Christ to guests and members alike. We are looking for hard-working people who want to serve behind the scenes to maintain our campus and be good stewards.


Our Nurture Teams give spiritual care to our members and neighbors through encouragement, prayer, visits, gifts, and spiritual support. We are looking for people who are compassionate, kind, and patient, who will encourage others in 
their faith.


Our Worship Arts teams serve Timberlake to share worship with excellence in our community through music, audio and video, staging, photography, and more!

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